ezVOLTz™ provides a comprehensive, cloud-based, centralized, interconnected, and optimized enterprise grade EV Charging Management Solution. Our ability to manage charging capacity, schedule resources, provide dynamic load sharing and adaptation along with end-to-end user cost management provides a unique capability to optimize your scarce charging resources. Our ezVOLTz™ app offers a directory of ALL charging options across State and local jurisdictions in the USA, including some not listed in any other app, and will change the destiny of America’s EV future.

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At ezVOLTz™, we are building an EV Charging universe that is accessible and connected for all drivers, fleet operators, and municipalities. We position ourselves as an integrator so that states and cities don’t have to be locked in with one EVSE vendor and can do business with an independent provider allowing more autonomy, flexibility and supply chain resiliency in their EV charging infrastructure. We are hardware agnostic and work with all industry leading EVSE manufacturers. ezVOLTz™ provides an optimized, centralized and interconnected platform that enables large enterprise organizations and government fleets to effectively manage and optimize their EV charging programs and EV powered investments.

The leadership team has a successful track record of building, running, and exiting highly successful companies over their careers. They share a clear and compelling vision for the future of ezVOLTz™as an EVCaaS company, with the ezVOLTz™ charging management and monetization solution as a core offering.

Leadership Team

John Gillespie

Chief Revenue Officer

Laura Everngam-Price

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Sam Malhotra


Kelley Gillespie

Chief Marketing Officer

Ken Nelson

Chief Financial Officer

Advisory Board

Jimmy Rhee


Sean Powell

Senior Advisor

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